Functional Wellness Customized For You

Everyone is unique. That’s why we designed our SupportIV Drips to address your specific wellness needs. Focus on your health now before it catches up to you! 


Supercharges your immune system to minimize the intensity and duration of viruses, reduces inflammation and infection, and support a cleanse of your body. 

Price: $175
Member Price: $131.25


Restores electrolytes and hydration levels with custom vitamin blend, supports immunity, stamina and liver function; may improve symptoms of food poisoning, dehydration, jet lag and inflammation.

Price: $150
Member Price: $112.50


Enhances the immune system with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory influence, boosts collagen production for skin health, and supports prevention of viruses, autoimmune diseases and chronic illness.

Price: $175
Member Price: $131.25


Total body rehydration increases energy, metabolism, and mental clarity, beneficial for upcoming travel, jet lag, hangovers and severe dehydration.

Price: $100
Member Price: $75


Restores and cleanses the liver, improves skin and overall complexion to reveal natural glowing beauty, great for reducing inflammation and enhancing complexion.

Price: $225
Member Price: $168.75


Increases natural energy levels, boosts immune system, and combats harmful toxins, assists with fatigue, poor diet and low energy.

Price: $225
Member Price: $168.75


Reduces anxiety levels and calms the nervous system, promotes muscle recovery and assists with mood and sleep.

Price: $175
Member Price: $131.25


Total body solution to boost immunity, restore hydration, increase energy levels, reduce inflammation and support overall health.

Price: $225
Member Price: $168.75


Supports muscle formation and growth, increases endurance and helps recovery to improve athletic performance, improves circulation and energy production, great for sleep quality, mood and concentration.

Price: $175
Member Price: $131.25


Improves brain, memory and mood functions, slows cellular aging, repairs DNA & supports mitochondrial health.

Please note: this infusion can take up to 3 hours to complete

Price: $375
Member Price: $281.23


Enhances energy and may increase metabolism and sexual vitality, assists with adrenal fatigue, low energy levels and long working hours.

Price: $175
Member Price: $131.25

Pre/Post Operative Support

Prepare and recover from surgery by restoring electrolytes and hydration levels; reduces inflammation and promotes wound healing.

Price: $375
Member Price: $281.25

Migraine Support

Combats migraine symptoms by reducing pain, nausea, and light sensitivity; improves energy levels and prevents future migraines. *Complimentary private room with light dimming capabilities for optimal relaxation.

Price: $275
Member Price: $206.25

Virus Recovery

Hydrates and replenishes the body after viral illness and rids the body of free radicals; fights oxidative stress in the body and can reduce the duration of illness. This Drip is filled with potent anti-oxidants that improve immune function.

Price: $325
Member Price: $243.75

Custom IV Therapy

Consult with our Medical Director about creating a custom IV therapy to address your symptoms.

Price: $225
Consult fee plus cost of infusion (TBD). Call for more details.

We offer in-home IV services!

Call for more details and pricing information!

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